Wangechi Mutu: Intertwined on Display at New Orleans Museum of Art
Wangechi Mutu: Intertwined on Display at New Orleans Museum of Art

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Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

— -Pablo Picasso

NEW ORLEANS, LA, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2024 / — Wangechi Mutu: Inertwined on Display at the New Orleans Museum of Art

The New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) is proud to present “Wangechi Mutu: Intertwined,” a groundbreaking solo exhibition showcasing the expansive work of Kenyan-American artist Wangechi Mutu. This monumental exhibition is currently on display and will remain open to the public through July 14, 2024.

“Wangechi Mutu: Intertwined” features an impressive collection of nearly a hundred works, including sculptures, paintings, collages, drawings, and films, offering a comprehensive overview of Mutu’s multifaceted practice from the mid-1990s to the present day. The exhibition brilliantly demonstrates the breadth of Mutu’s artistic exploration and her adept ability to weave together complex narratives that examine the legacies of colonialism, the impacts of globalization, and the rich tapestry of African and migrational cultural traditions.

The exhibition makes its way to New Orleans following a successful showing at the New Museum in New York, bringing with it an opportunity for local and regional audiences to engage with Mutu’s thought-provoking works. “Wangechi Mutu: Intertwined” traces connections between recent developments in Mutu’s sculptural work and her decades-long examination of critical themes, showcasing her role as a pivotal figure in contemporary art.

The New Orleans Museum of Art, located in the heart of New Orleans, provides the perfect backdrop for this significant exhibition, further enriching the city’s vibrant cultural landscape. As part of the museum’s ongoing commitment to presenting influential art from around the world, “Wangechi Mutu: Intertwined” invites visitors to immerse themselves in the dynamic and transformative power of Mutu’s art.

For those planning to visit this not-to-be-missed exhibition, the New Orleans Guest House offers clean, affordable accommodations complemented by a welcoming staff, ensuring a comfortable stay while exploring the rich cultural offerings of New Orleans.

“Wangechi Mutu: Intertwined” is a testament to the enduring power of art to challenge, inspire, and foster meaningful dialogue. The New Orleans Museum of Art invites everyone to experience the profound beauty and complexity of Wangechi Mutu’s work.

For more information about the exhibition and visiting hours, please visit the New Orleans Museum of Art website.

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