The AI Advantage for Hotels: Strategic Use Cases Published in New Report by Info-Tech Research Group

Info-Tech Research Group’s latest research highlights the unveiling of its AI/ML Use Case Library tailored for the hospitality industry. This research emphasizes the importance of establishing a compelling business case to support substantial investments in transformative endeavors; the library also offers valuable insights into common challenges and best practices for the industry.

TORONTO, Feb. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/The hospitality industry is undergoing a transformative phase, grappling with multifaceted challenges ranging from changing consumer behaviors to the demand for operational efficiency. Meeting these emerging demands requires a strategic alignment between IT and business objectives, particularly when embracing new technologies. However, for smaller organizations with limited resources, adopting technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) represents a significant investment that requires a compelling business case. In response to this pressing need, Info-Tech Research Group has released its latest research, AI/ML Use Case Library for Hotels. This resource is tailored to help IT leaders in hospitality harness the power of AI and ML, offering valuable insights to enhance business processes and elevate guest experiences.

“Hotel business and technology leaders must work together to map out tactical and actionable plans to support an organization’s strategic goals and reach Exponential IT status,” says Elizabeth Silva, senior research analyst at Info-Tech Research Group. “An effective AI and ML transformation plan executed within the next one to two years can define the next one to two decades.”

Info-Tech’s latest research addresses the challenges of modernization in the hospitality industry, highlighting the critical need for a comprehensive business case to justify the significant proposed investments required for transformation. The research also sheds light on common pitfalls of AI and ML initiatives, such as project delays and budgetary overruns. The firm suggests that exploring industry-leading best practices can catalyze early ideation sessions and accelerate the roadmap to transformation.

The firm’s blueprint provides insights into how IT leaders can design transformation roadmaps for the hospitality industry, offering valuable guidelines despite varying implementation methods. The research identifies several innovative opportunities for hotel organizations investing in AI and ML, including:

Guest Attraction: Gen AI and ML can help the industry improve property appeal and optimization through data-driven decision-making and advanced technologies to increase guest interest.

Guest Entertainment: Innovative technologies can help enhance the quality of on-property activities, ensuring guests are engaged and entertained through new experiences.

Guest Retention: AI can help develop meaningful interactions with guests to enhance engagement and develop reoccurring experiences through exceptional operations.

Back of House: AI and ML can help optimize the employee experience through changes that make work easier and more enjoyable, thus increasing job satisfaction.

As the industry continues to embrace these advanced capabilities, hotels are better positioned to meet the evolving needs of guests and stay ahead in a competitive market. The innovative use cases highlighted in the firm’s research will help IT leaders demonstrate the potential for these technologies to reshape the hospitality landscape, enabling hotels to deliver unparalleled service and operational excellence.

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