Nift Advertising Advances National Expansion for Multi-Unit Restaurant Groups, Including World of Beer Bar & Kitchen
Nift Advertising Advances National Expansion for Multi-Unit Restaurant Groups, Including World of Beer Bar & Kitchen

BOSTON, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Nift Advertising, a new performance marketing channel used by tens of thousands of advertisers, has broadened its operations by partnering with an extensive network of multi-unit restaurant groups nationwide. In a strategic move to enhance customer acquisition and 100% trackable foot traffic, one group, World of Beer (WOB) Bar & Kitchen, has broadened its partnership with Nift to a national scale, aligning with its objectives to achieve targeted ROAS.

World of Beer Bar & Kitchen: A Case Study

WOB, a craft beer bar, restaurant chain, and award-winning expanding restaurant group, strategically partnered with Nift to boost foot traffic and attract new patrons. After experiencing success in multiple locations, WOB decided to scale up the use of Nift nationwide.

James Buell, COO of WOB, expressed his happiness with Nift’s impact on foot traffic and acquisition: “Nift has been instrumental in driving foot traffic and new customer acquisition for our restaurants. Our $20 vouchers, offered through Nift, have resonated with customers, leading to increased visits and loyalty.”

Elery Pfeffer, CEO & Founder of Nift, shared his commitment to helping restaurant partners like WOB: “We’re delighted to contribute to the marketing success of restaurant groups like WOB with our advertising solutions. Spearheading our Restaurant Team are Brian Siemienas, who brings 25+ years of leading marketing for brands like Darden, Margaritaville, and Hard Rock, along with Preston Junger, who has helped scale technology companies like Yelp and 7shifts.”

Nift Advertising for Restaurants: Transforming Customer Acquisition

Nift has transformed how consumers discover and try restaurants by seamlessly integrating restaurant offers as ‘thank you’ gifts within a closed ecosystem of premium consumer apps. The key here is the concept of thank-you gifts. As an alternative to ads, Nift’s personalized thank-you gifts are only given to high-value customers after completing an action — such as leaving a review on Tripadvisor, paying for parking via ParkMobile, or registering for a yoga class via Mindbody. Nift’s proprietary AI selects individualized gifts, ensuring that restaurant gifts are only available to the right local customers who are actively seeking new dining experiences.

Critical Benefits of Nift Advertising for Restaurants:

  • 100% trackable customer acquisition
  • Cost-Effective: Cost that rivals paid digital ads
  • Simplicity: No POS integration
  • Geo-Targeting: Attract customers where traffic is needed most
  • First-Party Data Collection: Grow your database with name, email, and opt-in permission for targeted remarketing
  • Flexible Redemption: In-person or direct online orders, bypassing third-party apps

Unlike traditional marketing channels, Nift provides verifiable customer acquisition for restaurants, rivaling paid digital ads. It streamlines the process by eliminating the need for complex point-of-sale integrations, offering geo-targeting, and allowing suppression of existing databases.

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About Nift Advertising for Restaurant Groups:
Nift Advertising for Restaurant Groups provides a verifiable method to drive traffic and acquire customers. It operates like a thoughtful thank-you gift, redeemable in person and as a direct online restaurant order—bypassing third-party apps. With 100% attribution tracking, every new customer and transaction is monitored. Nift gifts, as an alternative to traditional ads, yield ROAS for restaurant groups, rivaling paid digital ads. The geo-targeting feature ensures traffic is sent precisely where it’s needed most. These gifts are straightforward to process, requiring no point-of-sale integration. By functioning within a closed ecosystem, Nift’s patented AI drives traffic, acquires customers, and collects first-party data, enabling restaurants to grow their databases with names, emails, and opt-in permissions for targeted remarketing. For more information, visit

About World of Beer Bar & Kitchen: World of Beer Bar & Kitchen was founded in 2007 by two best friends in Tampa, Fla. who wanted to create a welcoming place where friends could gather, drink, eat and explore. WOB, the original craft beer bar, boasts hundreds of beers and rotating taps at each location along with signature food menus specifically designed to enhance the flavor of beers including WOBs proprietary beer, Secret Llama. Secret Llamas Blueberry Wheat Ale was amply named as Untappd’s “2023 #1 Fruited Wheat Beer- Florida.” WOB has grown to a global franchise with more than 30 locations in the United States. For more information, visit


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