Mitsui Ocean Cruises Unveils Its New Brand Identity

A Tribute to Mitsui’s place in Japan’s Maritime History and an Invitation to Embrace a Happier and More Sustainable Future

MINATO-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, April 3, 2024 / — MOL Cruises, Ltd. [Tsunemichi Mukai – President]: MOL Cruises, Ltd., which operates under the brand name “Mitsui Ocean Cruises,” today proudly unveiled its new brand identity, which honors Mitsui’s heritage and envisages a future enriched by the gifts of Japanese culture and exploring the sea.

Connecting the past to the future, the new symbol mark, is a modern and captivating emblem that has been designed to naturally touch the eyes of all who see it. Inspired by the blue planet across which we sail, the symbol mark is embellished by a hidden “Mitsui” (three bars) motif inspired by gentle ocean waves and flowing musical notes of a graceful symphony that resonates with our guests valuing wellbeing and time. This symbol mark embodies the essence of Mitsui Ocean Cruises, evoking the spirit of the sea, the joy of enriching exploration, and poses the question: “What treasures will my journey hold?”
The new typeface design, is a serif typeface that has been designed specifically for Mitsui Ocean Cruises. Reflecting the wisdom of the most experienced cruise line in Japan, this more traditional font design honors Mitsui’s long history and culture, and the style of names used by luxury ships of the past.

Reflecting on this milestone, Tsunemichi Mukai, President of Mitsui Ocean Cruises, remarked:
“Our brand identity, like our cruises, have been crafted with meticulous attention to detail, and reflects the renowned Japanese commitment to excellence and precision, and is destined to become iconic in the travel industry. Guests on Mitsui Ocean Cruises will experience the essence of Japan, the diversity of its deep culture, the praise of delicious cuisine and the beauty of its natural landscapes, people and destinations. All of this is presented with unparalleled “omotenashi” – service from the heart – for which Japan is famous.”

Anthony Kaufman, Head of Commercial Strategies, added:
“I imagine sailing across the ocean in this beautiful free-flowing pattern, surrounded by the ocean and the wonderful sense of space and time Japanese culture provides. We invite you to delve into the extraordinary and emerge with stories that are uniquely yours, ones that reflect the elevated and authentic experience you feel only when you sail with Mitsui Ocean Cruises.”
Rooted in Japanese heritage, nature and traditions, from the blue sea, Mitsui Ocean Cruises connects people with the wonders of nature and Japanese culture to enrich people’s lives and secure a happier and more sustainable future.

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About Mitsui Ocean Cruises: Mitsui Ocean Cruises is the most experienced cruise line in Japan and is part of the Mitsui O.S.K Lines. Ltd. (MOL) group of companies. It operates the luxury cruise ship Nippon Maru and will begin operating its second luxury cruise ship, Mitsui Ocean Fuji (ex-Seabourn Odyssey), in December 2024. Mitsui Ocean Cruises has also announced its intention to further expand its fleet with the purchase of newbuild cruise ships.
MITSUI OCEAN CRUISES and the blue circle with the whimsical “three bars” design are service marks of Mitsui Ocean Cruises.

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