Lyons Magnus Announces Top 2024 Flavor & Trend Predictions
Lyons Magnus Announces Top 2024 Flavor & Trend Predictions

FRESNO, Calif., Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lyons Magnus, a global foodservice and ingredient source, has released predictions for five emerging trends that will influence food and beverage menus in 2024 and beyond. “We use our proprietary research and analysis to support our partners with targeted trend insights,” said John Koch, Vice President National Accounts. “These trends are the cornerstone for creating innovative products and recipes that will resonate with their customer base.”


Consumers today are paying more for food than ever before, both in restaurants and grocery stores. As 2023 ends and 2024 begins, consumers who are uncertain about the future of the economy will be dining out less, eating in more, and exploring more channels across the food category. Look for people to explore alternative sources, such as convenience stores, and new brands of restaurants and grocery stores in search of a way to stretch their food and dining dollars. Operators will be cautious about future price increases, intensely scrutinizing all costs and marketing creative new meal deals, bundles and value offers.


Restaurant menus and promotions will continue to feature many nostalgic offerings across all menu categories, however, while consumers gravitate toward comforting and familiar foods and beverages, they will also want to experience new and exciting flavors, techniques, and combinations. Expect to see menu classics like meatloaf prepared with new flavors like Korean gochujang glaze or a birria macaroni and cheese. Beverage and dessert menus will also feature modern twists on nostalgic classics, like mochi ice cream sundaes and old-fashioned lemonade made with yuzu.


This trend is all about treating yourself (at least a little). Everyone looks forward to their own little feel-good indulgences, and social media, restaurants and the food industry have all caught on. Watch for a proliferation of mini treats. Self-indulgent, bite-sizes, low-cost treats to help de-stress, reward yourself or just have a little more joy in your day. From tiny milkshakes to two-bite brownies, we predict brands of all kinds will be jumping into this trend. 


Consumers are increasingly using social media to find new restaurants or discover new menu items. With some 63% of consumers reporting that they used social media to guide their restaurant and food choices, expect to see restaurant chains allocating even more attention to social media, digital marketing and producing eye-popping menu items for stunning food photography.


In the face of rising costs on all fronts and an uncertain economic outlook, expect to see mobile, app-based ordering/pick-up increasingly steal share from third party home delivery in 2024. Consumers benefit by skipping high delivery fees, driver tips and paying in-restaurant menu prices. Operators benefit from a reduction in overall costs and providing a better value proposition to the customer.

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