Kiribati Tourism Takes a Sustainable Leap with Historic Policy Launch
Kiribati Tourism Takes a Sustainable Leap with Historic Policy Launch

In a momentous event that will shape the future of Kiribati’s tourism landscape, the Kiribati Tourism Sustainable Policy (KTSP) was officially launched on January 13, 2024, at the Betio Sport Complex in Tarawa. This groundbreaking initiative signifies a pivotal milestone in the nation’s tourism development journey, envisioning growth that will not only foster the protection of the natural environment but also ensure the thriving of social-cultural values and guarantee economic prosperity across remote islands and communities.

The KTSP aims to transform Kiribati into a wealthier, healthier, and more peaceful country, aligning with global and regional sustainable development frameworks, as well as the Kiribati Government’s 20-year vision known as KV20. This comprehensive policy is designed to provide a guiding framework for sustainable tourism practices, emphasizing responsible tourism that benefits both the environment and local communities.

The launch of the Kiribati Tourism Sustainable Policy was held in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce, Industry & Cooperative’s Business Award ceremony, attended by a diverse group of stakeholders. The Honourable Minister of Tourism, Mr. Booti Nauan in his launch addressed and emphasized the importance of national ownership & stewardship in shaping the future of tourism for the country.  This was evident in the engagement of diverse stakeholders, both within the Government and across local businesses and host communities which underscores the comprehensive approach taken to shape the policy.  This historic launch highlights Kiribati’s first-ever Sustainable Tourism Policy, a result of collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Tourism and the Asian Development Bank’s Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative (ADB-PSDI). Copies of the policy were distributed to several tourism business operators and other key stakeholders in attendance.

The event saw the attendance of distinguished guests, including the Vice President of Kiribati and Honourable Ministers from various ministries, such as Education, Employment and Human Resources, Health and Medical Services, and Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy. Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Kiribati Chamber of Commerce, and other business stakeholders were also present, highlighting the broad spectrum of support for this transformative policy.

The KTSP launch during the Cooperative Business Award ceremony was a strategic choice, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in implementing sustainable practices in the tourism sector. The policy launches also provided a platform for recognizing excellence in the industry, aligning with the overarching goals of promoting responsible and sustainable tourism.

As the KTSP takes effect, it is expected to shape the trajectory of Kiribati’s tourism sector, setting a benchmark for responsible tourism that respects and preserves the nation’s unique cultural heritage. creating a harmonious balance between economic growth whilst protecting the environment and resources upon which tourism depends.

The launch of the Kiribati Tourism Sustainable Policy stands as a testament to the nation’s commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism.

Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Kiribati

Source: Tourism Authority of Kiribati

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