Historic Dew Drop jazz & Social Hall Reopens with a Spectacular Showcase Featuring Irma Thomas and “Deacon” John Moore
Historic Dew Drop jazz & Social Hall Reopens with a Spectacular Showcase Featuring Irma Thomas and “Deacon” John Moore

Soulful Melodies

Hear Those Horns Blow

Yesteryear’s Magical Music

Jazz is about being in the moment.”

— -Herbie Hancock


Historic Dew Drop Jazz & Social Hall Reopens with a Spectacular Showcase Featuring Irma Thomas and “Deacon” John Moore

The Dew Drop Jazz & Social Hall, nestled at 430 Lamarque St in Mandeville and renowned as the oldest Jazz Social Hall in the country, proudly reopened its doors on Friday, March 1, 2024, marking a momentous occasion in its storied history. This significant event was highlighted by the soulful performance of the legendary Irma Thomas, followed by the electrifying rhythms of New Orleans courtesy of “Deacon” John Moore and his horn-heavy ensemble.

Constructed in 1895, the Dew Drop has served as a cornerstone of cultural and social gatherings for the African American community in Mandeville, LA. Its rich legacy is marked by the vibrant performances of iconic musicians such as Ray Charles, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and many others who graced its stage during the era of segregation. The hall, along with its adjoining hotel, provided a sanctuary where Black entertainers and audiences could revel in music, fellowship, and hospitality.

The resurgence of the Dew Drop is attributed to the visionary efforts of Curtis Doucette Jr., the founder of Iris Development, a New Orleans/New York-based real estate firm. His dedication to preserving the hall’s heritage while embracing its future has breathed new life into this historic venue.

Karen Brem, the Marketing Director for the Historic Mardi Gras Inn in New Orleans, expressed her excitement about the reopening, stating, “The Dew Drop’s revival is not just about reliving the past; it’s about reigniting the spirit of community and the joy of live music. We are thrilled to welcome music enthusiasts to experience the magic of this historic venue.”

The Dew Drop promises a season of unforgettable musical events, with a lineup that pays homage to its rich history while celebrating the vibrant future of jazz and rhythm & blues. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the soul-stirring performances in an atmosphere that echoes the legends of yesteryears.

While the Historic Mardi Gras Inn offers clean, affordable accommodations and a welcoming staff, the heart of this revival is the music and the communal experience it fosters. This historic venue stands as a testament to the resilience and enduring charm of the jazz era in Louisiana.

Music lovers are encouraged to visit the Dew Drop’s official website at https://www.dewdropjazzhall.com for more information on the 2024 Spring Concert schedule and to plan their visit to this iconic institution of American music history.

About the Dew Drop Jazz & Social Hall:
The Dew Drop Jazz & Social Hall, built in 1895, is the oldest Jazz Social Hall in the United States. Located in Mandeville, LA, it has been a pivotal site for African American cultural and social gatherings, hosting some of the most significant figures in American music history. After decades of silence, the Dew Drop has been meticulously renovated and reopened, continuing its legacy as a beacon of jazz and community spirit.

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