Five Angeles Introduces Tipex: A 120-Piece Nail Tip Set Tailored for Effortless At-Home DIY Manicures
Five Angeles Introduces Tipex: A 120-Piece Nail Tip Set Tailored for Effortless At-Home DIY Manicures

Innovative nail set features premium pre-made acrylic nail tips, offering nail enthusiasts the ultimate solution for achieving impeccable nail shapes from the comfort of their homes.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Five Angeles, the Los Angeles-based fashion enterprise dedicated to fostering an open, inclusive nail universe for enthusiasts, proudly unveils the launch of Tipex. This revolutionary 120-piece nail tip set is meticulously designed to empower nail aficionados with a seamless means of achieving flawless nail shapes through DIY manicures at home.

Established in 2022, Five Angeles has swiftly established itself as a cherished haven for nail art enthusiasts, providing an immersive platform for skills enhancement, exploration of avant-garde nail art, and communal engagement within the vibrant nail enthusiast community. The platform also offers a curated selection of professional-grade product recommendations, prioritizing user-friendly, safe, reliable, current, and budget-friendly options.

With the introduction of Tipex, Five Angeles underscores its unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of nail enthusiasts seeking convenient home solutions. The comprehensive 120-piece set showcases a spectrum of acrylic nail tips meticulously engineered for at-home DIY manicures. Each tip’s thickness is meticulously calibrated based on insights from accomplished manicurists, ensuring extended durability for each piece in the set.

Designed to streamline the process of achieving immaculate nail shapes at home, the Tipex set eliminates the complexities associated with gel building and file shaping. The collection comprises 120 distinctive nail tips that effortlessly transcend the boundaries of traditional manicures, making self-expression an effortless endeavor. This transformative product empowers nail enthusiasts to unveil their unique nail styles without venturing outside their comfort zones.

Joe Zhou, Product Manager of Five Angeles, elucidated, “Five Angeles was conceived as a haven for nail aficionados, driven by education, product excellence, and community collaboration. The release of Tipex is a collective achievement for the Five Angeles family.”

He further added, “Being an ardent nail enthusiast myself, I recognize the challenges of achieving professional-grade nails at home. The 120-nail tip set heralds a new era, liberating nail lovers from the constraints of gel applications and file shaping. It is a game-changer that empowers us to explore and celebrate our individual nail styles.”

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Five Angeles emerges as a dynamic Los Angeles-based manicure fashion enterprise, dedicated to celebrating nail enthusiasts and fueling their artistic endeavors. Built with the aspiration of being a welcoming haven for individuals passionate about nails, Five Angeles caters to nail lovers of all skill levels, including budding artists and seasoned professionals. At the heart of Five Angeles lies a curated selection of innovative professional products meticulously designed to invigorate and amplify nail expertise. The enterprise acts as a catalyst for discovering uncharted realms of creativity, fostering personal growth, and nurturing the unique expressions within the vibrant nail art community. Five Angeles envisions a world where nails are a canvas for self-expression, achieved by delivering avant-garde, top-tier nail products that empower individuals to unlock their artistic potential.

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