Euphoria Global Events Expands to Meet Growing Demand for Luxury Wedding Planners in Marbella and Europe
Euphoria Global Events Expands to Meet Growing Demand for Luxury Wedding Planners in Marbella and Europe

Luxury curved wedding tables in Marbella with chandeliers and hanging wisteria flowers.

Here is the image depicting a luxurious wedding scene set in Marbella, complete with an optical dance floor, elegant chandeliers, and hanging wisteria flowers. The atmosphere created is one of sophistication and romance, highlighted by the vibrant and déc

Luxury Wedding with optical dance floor and 8k hanging white flowers.

 A luxurious wedding scene in Marbella, featuring a couple surrounded by a dazzling display of fireworks and shimmering crystals. The atmosphere is celebratory and opulent, capturing the essence of a high-end, extravagant event.

Fireworks and 500k crystals surround the couple in a luxury Marbella wedding.

Euphoria Global Events offering personalized luxury weddings with innovative 3D VR planning.

MARBELLA, MALAGA, SPAIN, January 17, 2024 / — Euphoria Global Events, a premier name in the luxury wedding planning industry, is thrilled to announce an expansion to meet the rising demand for luxury wedding planners in Marbella, Spain, and throughout Europe.

Renowned for orchestrating high-end weddings and events for high-profile families and celebrities, including a growing demand for LGBTQ same-sex weddings, Euphoria is also highly respected in the Indian wedding planning business. This growth is particularly focused on serving the elite from America, Uk, India, and the Middle East, who desire nothing short of an extraordinary wedding experiences abroad, with full confidentiality and looking for a unique wedding that reflects personality and individual lifestyle.

Euphoria is a feeling of great happiness and well-being, but also know Euphoria is more than that––it’s unusually, crazy happy, and over the top.

Personalized Service

At the core of Euphoria Global Events, is the personalized service led by Jonathan Paul, Euphoria’s Director of Events. Jonathan is not just an overseer; he personally connects with clients globally, ensuring a service level that combines meticulous attention to detail with an international perspective. This hands-on approach guarantees that each wedding mirrors the unique aspirations and visions of Euphoria’s clients, enriched with global elegance and style. Euphoria operates around the clock, adapting to all clients’ schedules, and transcending time zones to provide 24/7 service.

Direct Involvement

From the initial consultation to applying the finishing touches to the grand day, Jonathan’s involvement is profound and personal. Jonathan meticulously tailors each aspect of the wedding to align with the couple’s unique preferences and visions.

Jonathan’s dedication extends beyond mere planning and design; he is actively present on-site supporting his team, throughout the setup of the wedding, overseeing every detail of the production, and offering unwavering support to his clients. Jonathan’s commitment to his clients goes far beyond traditional expectations, often leading to enduring friendships and a sense of deep trust and reliance. It is this unique commitment that defines the Euphoria experience and is a reason why the management team has worked for Euphoria from its first event almost 10 years ago.

Destination Wedding Planner Services

Recognizing the complexities of destination weddings, Euphoria Global Events, offers all-inclusive services that cover every aspect – from travel and accommodations to venue selection and detailed logistics. Euphoria’s aim is to deliver a seamless experience, allowing clients to indulge in the romance and joy of their wedding, free from any concerns.

Pioneering in Planning and Design

Euphoria’s recent technological advancements, including a sophisticated website and enhanced booking systems, are just the beginning. Euphoria’s 3D virtual reality design service, enhances the wedding planning experience . This tool allows clients to embark on a virtual tour of their wedding venue, offering a hyper-realistic preview of their event, down to the finest details of décor and table settings.

3D Virtual Reality: Bringing Dreams to Life

Euphoria’s 3D Virtual Reality service brings an unprecedented level of interaction and customization to wedding planning. Clients can now explore and personalize every aspect of their wedding venue using VR technology, accessible right from their smartphones, making the planning process as enjoyable as it is efficient.

Belgium Design Facility: The Heart of Innovation

Under Jonathan Paul’s visionary leadership, Euphoria’s design facility in Belgium has become a hub of creativity and cutting-edge event design. This facility is where unique and luxurious event concepts are conceived, setting new trends in the wedding industry.

Catering to a Global Clientele

Euphoria Global Events takes pride in its diverse and esteemed clientele. Euphoria’s expertise in delivering exceptional events for a worldwide audience, including prominent individuals from America, Europe, and the Middle East, showcases versatility and global reach in luxury event planning.

Streamlining Weddings with Comprehensive In-House Services

Euphoria Global Events offers a complete in-house solution for its client’s wedding, ensuring every detail is flawlessly executed by Euphoria’s expert team. Euphoria’s comprehensive services include decoration, sound and lighting, staging, floristry, photography, videography, staffing, pyrotechnics, transport, and entertainment. By providing these services internally, Euphoria reduces the risks and inconsistencies often found with outsourced options. Euphoria’s approach not only streamlines the wedding planning process but also eliminates hidden costs typically associated with third-party services.

Transparent Pricing for Luxurious Weddings

At Euphoria Global Events, transparency in pricing is a cornerstone of Euphoria’s service philosophy. Euphoria provide luxury wedding planning and design services within a competitive pricing framework, ranging from $4k to $7k. This structure is a departure from the common industry practice of charging either a flat fee ranging from $15k – $20k or a percentage of the overall wedding cost, often accompanied by undisclosed commissions. Euphoria’s edge lies in the breadth of the in-house capabilities, covering everything from decorations to entertainment. By centralizing most services, Euphoria not only enhance cost efficiency but also ensure consistent quality and integration across all elements of the wedding or event.

Budget Guidelines for a Range of Wedding Styles

The overall pricing, per guest for a wedding orchestrated by Euphoria typically falls between $1k and $2k, with some reaching over $3k per guest. This range is designed to include all aspects of the wedding day.

When it comes to the total budget, weddings planned by Euphoria generally range from $150k to $500k, with some reaching upwards of a million dollars. Euphoria’s clients receive remarkable value for their investment, with this budget encompassing Euphoria’s comprehensive planning and design services and a vast array of in-house resources.

A Personal Invitation from Jonathan Paul

“I warmly invite you to experience the pinnacle of wedding planning and design with Euphoria Global Events. My commitment to traveling the world to meet clients adds an unparalleled level of service and global insight to every event. Join us in crafting a celebration that is not just extraordinary but deeply personal and reflective of a unique love story. Welcome to the Euphoria Experience, where we turn wedding dreams into stunning realities.”

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