bb.q Chicken Teaches Americans to Speak Korean…Fried Chicken in First National Ad Campaign for the Rapidly Growing Franchise

The makers of Korea’s Finest Fried Chicken launch new ad campaign as Americans continue to
show their interest in Korean food and culture

FORT LEE, N.J., March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — bb.q Chicken, Korea’s Finest Fried Chicken, today officially said “annyeonghaseyo” (“hello” in Korean) to the American dining public by launching its first national advertising campaign, with ads that teach them to speak Korean…Fried Chicken.

The centerpiece of the new campaign are two YouTube spots, Spot 1 – “Bella” and Spot 2 – “Luke”, which showcase Americans enjoying bb.q Chicken for the first time and exclaiming, “Kind of spicy, kind of sweet…definitely my new obsession” and “This is the crispiest chicken in the entire world,” followed by Korean translations of these phrases and video that showcases bb.q’s authentically Korean food preparation process, all backed by K-Pop-inspired music.

The new bb.q Chicken ads serve as an invitation for Americans to try the franchise’s superior and authentically Korean light, crispy and flavorful fried chicken — so crispy in fact, it comes through loud and clear in the new YouTube spots. The franchise offers an extensive menu of 14 different flavor options, created with marinades delivered directly from Seoul and served on boneless and bone-in options. Other fan favorites at bb.q are K-food offerings, such as ddeok-bokki and kimchi fried rice.

The new bb.q Chicken ad campaign launched on March 1, reaching potential customers for more than 250 North American bb.q locations. Bb.q Chicken’s U.S. growth also occurs amidst broader American interest in Korean food and culture, a phenomenon called “Hallyu” or the “Korean Wave” of influence in other countries. This trend is especially evident among Americans on YouTube, where K-Pop, mukbang and Korean translation videos receive billions of combined views every year, making YouTube the ideal centerpiece for the campaign’s media strategy.

The ads were created by full-service marketing agency MGH, which managed all creative and media buying for the campaign. The ads will run throughout the remainder of the year and initially run across YouTube, Google and Meta, followed by TikTok later this year and influencer marketing extensions, across all bb.q markets, to drive awareness and sales for franchisee operator partners.

“At bb.q, we often say food is the gateway to culture, and more importantly, cultural exchange. Our new campaign perfectly fits this belief, as our new ads creatively show how much food can teach us about another language and culture,” said Joseph Kim, bb.q Chicken U.S. CEO. “We are excited for our entire bb.q Chicken franchise family as we share the bb.q story with a broader audience and teach them where they can find the ‘best of the best quality’ chicken.”

The campaign targets Millennial and Gen-Z audiences, which have deeper familiarity with Korean barbecue and other Asian foods, but less familiarity with Korean Fried Chicken. It was for this reason that bb.q Chicken launched a campaign with an educational tone.

“The creative and media strategy of this campaign are perfectly paired to reach and resonate with our target audience, which is open to trying new flavors and is especially drawn to authentic international dining experiences,” said Andrew Lee, Senior Manager, Marketing, for bb.q Chicken U.S. “We view this campaign as a way to tap into natural consumer curiosity and interest in the food and dining experience each bb.q location can offer, and we look forward to welcoming new guests for their own personal Korean…Fried Chicken lessons.”

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About bb.q Chicken
Established in 1995 as part of parent company Genesis BBQ, bb.q Chicken’s mission is to always provide the most delicious premium chicken in the world, based on the belief that food is the gateway to all culture. bb.q (pronounced bee-bee-que) stands for Best of the Best Quality and serves as a promise to always make Korea’s Finest Fried Chicken and other K-Food offerings at each location.

The brand was recently recognized by Restaurant Business Magazine as one of the fastest growing chains in the U.S. and included in The Takeout’s “11 Restaurant Chains to Watch in 2023.” For more information on locations and franchise opportunities, please visit

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