Now Restaurants Accept EBT Cards, SNAP or Food Stamps Benefits – Enjoy Prepared Meals at These Restaurants

WASHINGTON, April 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In an era where accessibility and convenience are paramount, the ability to use Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards for more than just groceries is a significant leap forward for many Americans. The Restaurant Meals Program (RMP), a facet of the federal assistance landscape since 1977, has opened up new avenues for elderly, disabled, and homeless individuals to access prepared meals. GetGovtGrants aims to shed light on the intricacies of the program, including eligibility, participating states, and how to find restaurants that accept EBT, SNAP, or Food Stamps for payment. States with Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) let EBT Card Holders use SNAP Benefits for Hot Food. This press release clarifies how Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards can be used for prepared meals at authorized restaurants in specific states.

Understanding the Restaurant Meals Program (RMP)

The RMP stands as a beacon of accessibility, designed to cater to those who face challenges in meal preparation. By extending the usability of EBT cards to include prepared meals at authorized restaurants, the program acknowledges and addresses the needs of:

Who Benefits from the RMP

Elderly individuals aged 60 or above
Persons with disabilities
The homeless community
These measures ensure that the hurdles of cooking facilities, physical limitations, and the difficulty of accessing grocery stores do not impede the ability of these vulnerable groups to obtain nutritious meals.

Eligibility and State Participation

Eligibility for the RMP is determined at the state level, with criteria focusing on age, disability status, and housing stability. Currently, states including Arizona, California, Florida (with limited participation), Hawaii, Michigan, and Rhode Island have embraced the RMP, paving the way for a broader acceptance of EBT payments in the dining sector.

Where is the RMP Available

California (limited participation)
Florida (limited participation)
Rhode Island

Finding EBT-Friendly Restaurants

For those residing in or visiting states that participate in the RMP, locating restaurants that accept EBT payments is straightforward. Patrons can look for the ‘Participating Restaurant: SNAP Restaurant Meals Program’ signage, complete with a recognizable ‘Fork & Knife’ logo. Additionally, the local Department of Human Services office and online resources like the USDA National Directory of SNAP Retailers offer comprehensive lists and directories to assist in finding participating establishments.

A State-by-State Guide to Participating Restaurants

California: From Burger King to Wendy’s, numerous fast-food chains across counties like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego welcome EBT cardholders.

Arizona: Establishments ranging from 24th St Pizza & Gyros to WaBa Grill offer diverse dining options for SNAP beneficiaries.

Rhode Island: Subway represents a key participant, providing nutritious options for those eligible under the RMP.

While the list of participating restaurants continues to grow, some notable chains such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Chipotle currently do not accept EBT. However, for a detailed directory of EBT-friendly restaurants, resources like and the USDA National Directory of SNAP Retailers provide invaluable information.

List of Restaurants That accept EBT Cards, SNAP Or Food Stamp

Burger King
Carl’s Jr.
Church’s Chicken
Del Taco
Domino’s Pizza
El Pollo Loco
Great Steaks
Jack in the Box
Jamba Juice
Papa Murphy’s
Pizza Hut
Rally’s Hamburgers
Taco Bell
24th St Pizza & Gyros
Burger Shoppe
CiCi’s Pizza
Dairy Queen
Fat Sub
Firestone Subs
Golden Corral
Harris and Smith Coffee Company
Helpings Cafe and Market
Jimmy and Joe’s Pizzeria
Moon Light Family Restaurant
Papa John’s Pizza
Smoke Dem Bones BBQ
Speedy Street Tacos Corp
Tasty Box
Uncle Sams
WaBa Grill

Restaurants that don’t accept EBT Food Stamps

A&W Restaurants
Dairy Queen
Dunkin’ Donuts
Einstein Bros. Bagels
Five Guys
In-N-Out Burger
Krispy Kreme
Long John Silver’s
Panda Express
Panera Bread
Qdoba Mexican Grill
Shake Shack
Tim Hortons

Important Note :

 1. Not all restaurants in participating states accept EBT.
 2. RMP is only for prepared meals, not groceries.
 3. Overall EBT benefit applies to restaurant purchases.


The Restaurant Meals Program underscores a commitment to enhancing food accessibility for the elderly, disabled, and homeless populations. By understanding the scope, eligibility, and operational mechanics of the RMP, EBT cardholders can better navigate their dining options, ensuring that nutritious and convenient food choices are within reach.

Additional Resources
For further information on the Restaurant Meals Program and to locate EBT-accepting restaurants in local area, please visit the USDA RMP Information page and the National Directory of SNAP Retailers.

This comprehensive guide illuminates the pathway for leveraging EBT cards at restaurants, reinforcing the bridge between nutritional needs and the resources available to meet them. Through the RMP, countless individuals gain the empowerment to enjoy prepared meals with dignity and ease, marking a significant advancement in the realm of food accessibility.

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