New Cocktail Bar “No School Tomorrow” to Open April 18th in Itasca

International Mixologist, Tao Zrafi Introduces Chicagoland Suburbs to New Cocktail Concept

ITASCA, Ill., March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Renowned international mixologist and Drink Masters Season 1 finalist, Tao Zrafi, will soon unveil his latest creation, No School Tomorrow, in the suburban community of Itasca, Ill. Opening his first brick-and-mortar concept, Zrafi’s new cocktail bar will be located within the Itasca Country Club campus, staffed by locally-sourced talent and is expected to open to the public on April 18.

The new cocktail bar concept, aptly named “No School Tomorrow”, aims to create a fun and welcoming bar environment, while exhibiting a public venue themed around schooltime nostalgia. The goal is to provide guests with a brand-new understanding of quality cocktails through the offering of a new, yet approachable experience. Despite common preconceived notions of high-end cocktails bars, No School Tomorrow (NST) will feature a cocktail menu presented in steel lunchboxes with cocktails inspired by science class, recess, and other cherished school memories. The bar’s sophisticated, yet playful ambiance aims to bring a truly one-of-a-kind cocktail experience to the Chicagoland suburbs.

“At No School Tomorrow, our mission is simple; to elevate the cocktail experience for everyone,” expressed Tao. “We recognize that many people haven’t tasted unique, top-of-the-line cocktails due to the intimidating nature of some establishments. Because of this, people often stick to drinks and bars that are familiar to them to avoid feeling out of place. No School Tomorrow is more significant to me than any accolade or recognition that mixology could bring. Our new concept is about breaking barriers and making exceptional drinks more accessible to everyone.”

Born in Tunisia, Tao Zrafi moved to Canada at the age of 20 and soon found a true passion and love for the world of mixology. During an early period of working at various bars and restaurants, Zrafi began to enter competitions and through the bold style of his creations, made a name for himself as a Montreal mixologist. Zrafi’s dedication to his craft was recently showcased on the Netflix hit show “Drink Masters,” where his innovative approach and exceptional skills garnered praise from the judges and allowed him to reach the Season 1 finale. Beyond his current role as a bartender consultant, Zrafi is also an avid world traveler to his ever-growing social media following, adding diverse dimensions to his multifaceted persona.

Larry Swets, a renowned local restaurant developer, is Zrafi’s partner in bringing No School Tomorrow to life. Their choice of Itasca was grounded in careful research and the decision to enhance the suburban social scene through the introduction of a one-of-a-kind cocktail bar concept.

“We’ve found that the suburbs of Chicago are very supportive to ideas once considered only viable in the city,” said Swets. “We want to make it clear that No School Tomorrow is not a competitor; it’s a quality addition to the suburban social scene. Itasca is also easily accessible to Chicagoans, being situated at the crossroads of many of Chicago’s highways and within walking distance of the Metra train line to downtown.”

Nestled within the Itasca Country Club campus, No School Tomorrow welcomes guests every Thursday through Saturday for now, offering a diverse array of high-end cocktails to suit all preferences and levels of experience. Staying true to the slogan, “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight,” No School Tomorrow will be open Thursday through Saturday, from 5 p.m. – Midnight. For more information, please email us at [email protected] or visit our Instagram

About No School Tomorrow
No School Tomorrow is a distinctive cocktail bar nestled in Itasca, Illinois, co-founded by mixologist, Tao Zrafi and renowned restaurant developer, Larry Swets. Born out of a shared passion for delivering high-end cocktails to a wider audience, the establishment offers an inclusive and approachable environment for patrons to enjoy exceptional drinks. No School Tomorrow embodies a theme inspired by school memories, featuring a cocktail menu presented in steel lunchboxes with cocktails inspired by science class, recess, and other cherished school memories. Conveniently situated on the local highway system and within walking distance from the Metra train line, No School Tomorrow serves as a unique destination where innovation, quality, and community converge.

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