The trusted mark for eczema-friendly products will now include lip care and deodorant.

NOVATO, Calif., Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The National Eczema Association today announced the expansion of its Seal of Acceptance™ program to include two new product categories that will now be eligible for the Seal: lip care and deodorant. Applications for all Seal product categories including lip care and deodorant products are currently being accepted. Eczema patients and caregivers – and those with sensitive skin – can expect to see new lip care and deodorant products awarded with the Seal in the coming months.

NEA established the Seal of Acceptance program in 2008 to help the over 30 million Americans that live with eczema – and even more with sensitive skin – find eczema-friendly products and to drive manufacturers to do better, creating products that are free of known allergens and irritants.

“For people with eczema or sensitive skin the search for personal care and household products can be triggering in every sense of the word,” said Wendy Smith Begolka, Chief Strategy Officer at National Eczema Association. “We continue to expand the Seal into new categories in order to make it just a little easier to find suitable products not just for eczema but for a life with eczema.”

For a product to obtain the Seal, it must meet the strict standards established by NEA’s Scientific Oversight Committee – a panel of leading dermatologists, allergists and eczema experts – and undergo testing for sensitivity, irritation and toxicity, as well as a review of ingredients and formulation data. Seal products cannot include fragrance, chemical UV absorbers or formaldehyde releasers, and must be free of the ingredients on the Ecz-clusion List.

Products in the lip care category must be a lip balm, butter, oil, salve or gel. The product may contain a tint, dye or pigment so long as it is not considered makeup. Products with the primary purpose to color the lips, such as lipsticks, or other similar makeup products are ineligible.

Products in the deodorant category include antiperspirants and must be specifically intended for the use of the underarm area. All forms of deodorant, including spray, roll-on, wipes, stick, balms, lotions and gels will be considered.

Current product categories include moisturizers, sunscreens, cleansers, disposable wipes, haircare products, over-the-counter drugs, household cleaning, laundry and now, lip care and deodorant. Current products can be found in the Eczema Product Directory.

Manufacturers can learn more and apply for the Seal at

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