HAKONE, Japan, May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Kinnotake Resorts, operated by Kinnotake Corporation in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, announced the launch of a program called Samurai Experience — A Noble Retreat into History — on May 17. This is an activity where guests have an adventure like a journey through time, wearing traditional samurai armor and swords with family crests at Kinnotake Resorts’ Matsuzakaya Honten, a 360-year-old ryokan (Japanese-style inn) in Hakone.

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To experience Japan’s rich history and culture, guests don a complete set of authentic samurai armor, with a helmet, face cover, chest armor, and a sword. With the assistance of skilled staff, it takes approximately 30 minutes to put on the armor.

Following the dressing session, guests in samurai armor will have an hour of free time to explore and engage in various activities. Guests are given a unique opportunity to connect with Japan’s storied past and gain insight into the life of samurai warriors.

Dressing: 30 min.
Exploring, wearing armor: 60 min.
Fare: 11,000 JPY
Included: Dressing of an armor set with sword

About “Ryocance”
Kinnotake Resorts hope its guests will enjoy “Ryocance,” — a coined word combining ryokan and the French word vacances, representing traditional inn hospitality with new Japanese experiential activities — and an extended vacation. The guests are encouraged to immerse themselves in Hakone’s authentic beauty with a 3-4 day escape, indulging in scenic wonders, tasting local delicacies, and undergoing cultural experiences, for enduring memories that enrich their lives.

About Matsuzakaya Honten
Dating back to 1662, the pavilions of the inn exude the essence of traditional Japan with its rich history and tranquil ambiance. Once a gathering place for influential figures during the Meiji period, the ryokan continues to be a cherished destination. Over the centuries, it has hosted esteemed guests, including members of the Japanese imperial family.

At the private onsen, natural springs flow at 200 liters per minute, enriched with sulfur, sulfate, and hydrogen carbonate for skin nourishment.

About Kinnotake Resorts
Established in Hakone in 1947, Kinnotake Resorts’ mission is to cultivate diverse talents, foster continuous growth, and harness the timeless power of bamboo to create extraordinary experiences that positively impact every guest’s life.

Official website: https://kinnotake-resorts.com/en/?lang=en 

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