Four Hundred by Design Exceeds 2,000 Travel Advisors and Over 400 Properties Two Years After Launch
Four Hundred by Design Exceeds 2,000 Travel Advisors and Over 400 Properties Two Years After Launch

Four Hundred by Design

NEW YORK, Feb. 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Two years after launch, the Four Hundred by Design (FHxD) sales and marketing platform includes 2,300 travel advisors with access to over 400 hotels, resorts, villas, and private residences in 60 countries on the company’s advisor portal.

Operating as an independent division of Four Hundred, FHxD includes a private web portal for registered agency owners, managers, and IC’s, to explore and request bookings at carefully vetted, exclusive luxury properties around the world. The FHxD community is comprised of independent, non-consortia-affiliated travel advisors spanning all levels of experience in the industry, from those with just a few years, to the most seasoned consultants.

In a September 2023 survey of registered FHxD advisors, 78% of respondents cited higher earnings on each booking and 67% cited faster payout of commissions as two of the most valuable features of FHxD. Interestingly, 71% cited finding insider tips about properties not found on a company’s website as a primary reason to use FHxD and its marketing vehicles, resulting in user engagement metrics that far exceed industry norms.

As much a marketing platform as a booking platform, FHxD offers suppliers the chance to reach a brand-new audience of unaffiliated luxury travel advisors and their clients, in a cost effective and efficient manner, whether as a fully-hosted FHxD property, or by taking advantage of numerous ad hoc marketing opportunities, or both.

Said CEO, Tony Shepherd, “the non-consortia affiliated advisor brings real value to the partners and has always been a target audience for FHxD. At the conclusion of year two, we’re delighted to see that this focus has resulted in an 80% unaffiliated advisor audience of independent travel consultants, a group which is traditionally difficult for luxury suppliers to reach.”

Karen Goldberg, SVP, Strategy & Business Development shares, “New customer acquisition has always been a key focus for partners. We’re delighted to bring them this unique marketing opportunity, especially as these advisors represent a large audience of untapped luxury travelers. Partners consistently praise FHxD marketing tools as being among the best in the industry.”

Four Hundred by Design (FHxD) connects travel advisors and independent contractors from agencies serving high net worth clients with over 400 of the world’s most exclusive accommodations and iconic properties including hotels, resorts, villas, and private residences. Advisors gain access to a suite of benefits, including valuable industry insights, a global network of trusted supplier contacts in over 60 countries, higher and more timely and higher revenue structures.

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